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We believe it is the intention of a number of gents to organise a live performance to be given to M. Gassner in recognition of this philanthropic endeavour . The exertions of the liberal minded within the musical world, have added a substantial sum to the funds of this wonderful institution throughout the previous couple of weeks. It appears that the “Moonlight Promenade Concert,” given, with the sort permission of Colonel Waddy and officers,

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The quantity realised in help of the benevolent object sought to have been benefited should have been appreciable, and the leisure in itself was a treat to all who can take pleasure in nice music. This exhibition took place at Mr. Levey’s Theatre on Monday, but the wetness of the climate prevented the audience from being so numerous as was expected;

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the proceeds being set apart for the profit of the City Night Refuge and Soup Kitchen. Despite the threatening state of the weather, there being a very clouded sky and different robust indications of rain, the concert was very numerously attended, and there’s no doubt that the charitable establishment above-named will receive very substantial assist from the leisure. The performance of the band was as usual excellent, and the programme selected by Mr. Gassner contained several exceedingly well-liked objects.

the lecture of that night had been completely re-written. He then commenced his address, and for greater than an hour completely enchained the attention of the audience, who repeatedly manifested their appreciation of his eloquence by their hearty applause . A Band of Italian Musicians, whose talent was unsurpassed of their native country, having recently arrived on this colony,

plaintiff being the proprietor of the Royal Hotel, and defendant the late lessee of the theatre adjoining. There was no appearance of defendant, who was mentioned to be on the point of leaving for New Zealand . Notably, the primary performance in Geelong of Mendelssohn’s Elijah was for his benefit. They landed in Melbourne on 28 December 1852, and settled immediately at Geelong, the place, on 6 April 1853, Gabb turned a foundation committee member of the Geelong Harmonic Society.

We should add that the evening was beautifully nice; the moon shone with nice brilliancy, the sky was cloudless, and the breeze was so gentle as to be nearly imperceptible. Mr. Graves for plaintiff, within the absence of Mr. Brewer. The case was postponed from Thursday, owing to the absence of the defendant by way of alleged illness. Mr. Graves mentioned he was instructed by Mr. Moriarty that Mrs. Reeves was still sick, and unable to attend the Court. The Coiamissianer stated he had heard that the defendant was not unwell, however was about city. Mr. Gard, the plaintiff assured his honor he noticed Mrs. Reeves out yesterday.

Prof. Gee is a great favorite, and his associates are happy with this chance of displaying their regard for him. It will partake more of the character of a musical festival, or jubilee – because of the great number taking part. It will happen at the Grand Opera House, San Francisco, in May . James Gee, a piano pupil of Robert Barnett (of the Royal Academy of Music), arrived in Melbourne on the Great Britain in February 1865, as pianist to the actor and vocalist Edith Palmerston.

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The several gadgets had been executed with great effect, and reflected infinite credit score on Mr. Gassner and his wonderful band. Some dissatisfaction was expressed on the interruptions occasioned by an organization of Volunteers maintaining a fusilade within the Inner Domain, and at occasions rendering the music virtually inaudible. He would say, let music turn out to be the widespread property of all, from the king to the peasant –

will start her engagement on the above Theatre on MONDAY, the 19th immediate, in a new Drama, entitled THE WAIF OF THE STREETS, by which Mr. and Mrs. FRANK TOWERS may even appear. MADAM GLOGOSKI begs to inform the inhabitants of Shoalhaven, that she intends giving lessons on the Pianoforte, Singing, Dancing, and each description of Fancy Work. Shoalhaven, twentieth August, 1859. A BALL AND REFRESHMENT will be given within the spacious saloon of the Wollongong Hotel, on

extremely recommended the performances, and expressed his belief that such entertainments are calculated to advertise good feeling, harmony, and cohesion. He hoped there can be a recurrence of these conferences. Several toasts have been drank in the course of the evening. The lodge was closed by the entire firm, amounting to nearly one hundred, singing the National Anthem. Several main males of the city and a sprinkling of the physique company belonging to the order have been present,

Signor Gagliardi, PROFESSOR of the Flute and Italian Language, at Mons. Vagnoux, Surgeon Dentist, eighty four, Macquarie-street. N. B.- Music rigorously copied at average costs. – SIGNOR GAGLIARDI will Traffic Controller MELODIA be pleased to attend gentlemen at their residence, or to provide instructions on the flute, at 36, Palmer-street, Woolloomooloo.