What Is an Acrylic Print

A photo copy that is shown behind a thin layer of acrylic glass is called an acrylic print. The acrylic pane shields your print from sunlight and contact damage while also improving the look of your image and adding a captivating depth impression.

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What Sets Metal Prints Apart from Acrylic Prints?

Prints on acrylic share many visual similarities with prints on metal, including a glossy finish and a striking, modern appearance. But they also differ greatly from one another.

The two prints have distinct constructions, and although they might appear very similar when seen from the front, an angle renders the differences much more striking.

For instance, the acrylic prints that are offered here at CanvasDiscount.com have clear borders, making your image visible from any angle thanks to the polished acrylic glass. Our metal prints, on the other hand, have black edges and silvery borders. Your photo is printed on a metal composite panel, which consists of a jet-black core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum.

The visual impact that metal and acrylic prints provide is another significant distinction between them. Despite its thinness, the glass pane in front of the acrylic print creates a captivating depth appearance reminiscent of three dimensions and shimmering reflections. This means that, in contrast to the more understated, traditional charm of metal prints, acrylic prints provide a little more glitz to the celebration.

The Acrylic Prints’ Principal Advantages

Acrylic prints combine astonishingly vivid photo reproduction with the pinnacle of tastefully understated style. The following is a brief summary of the key advantages of an acrylic print from CanvasDiscount.com:

Amazing adaptability. The frameless, borderless poster blends in nicely with most décor styles and complements other wall art elements.

little weight was maintained. Due to the lightweight nature of acrylic glass and the extremely thin glass panels we utilize for our prints, you will have a low total weight that makes installation simple and safe.

powerful depth impression. Because of its glossy surface and clear borders, the perfect glass panel creates dazzling reflections that provide the illusion of depth.

three-dimensional look. The borderless, hand-polished glass gives the impression that the image is three-dimensional.

Resilience. Because acrylic prints are resistant to UV rays and moisture, they are ideal for hanging in sunny spaces or even functional kitchens.

Are There Any Drawbacks with Acrylic Prints?

As ardent supporters of acrylic prints, we firmly believe that the benefits of this print format much exceed any drawbacks.

Acrylic prints do, however, have a high-gloss surface. This implies that a large portion of the light that strikes the crystal-clear glass is reflected, which might result in glare on really bright days.

Naturally, a large portion of our clientele find the shimmering reflected surface to be appealing. Should you be concerned about glare, it may be effortlessly prevented by just positioning your acrylic print away from direct sunlight.

How to Handle Your Prints

The only maintenance required for acrylic prints is the occasional feather duster or soft cloth dusting. However, you might want to give your print a thorough wipe if you see finger smudges or other stains on the glass’s surface; in that case, we suggest using an alcohol-based cleaning solution. Simply dab a tiny amount of the product onto a lint-free cloth, massage the afflicted area gently, and then let the surface dry.

How Acrylic Prints Are Hung

We highly advise utilizing one of our own hanger sets—both of which are made specifically for the CanvasDiscount.com premium wall art collection—to hang your acrylic poster on the wall. The aluminum backframe and the hanger plate are the two choices.

You may add a hanger set to your order (it only costs a few dollars) as soon as you submit your photo to our website. This will take you to the “Choose Format” page. You will have the option of a metal backframe for bigger prints or a hanger plate for smaller ones.

How to Apply Hanger Plate Use:

Step 1: Select the location for the hanger plate attachment on the back of your poster. After using fine sandpaper to gently scrub the area, use a towel dipped slightly in alcohol-based solution to clean it. Allow to air dry.

Step 2: Place the hanger plate on the back of the print without removing the anti-adhesive paper, and outline it with a pencil.

Step 3: Take off the hanger plate’s anti-adhesive paper. Set it in place by pressing it.

Step 4: To allow the glue to solidify, place your print face down on a level surface for a full day.

Step 5: At the bottom corners of the print, attach the rubber bumpers to the back of the print.

Step 6: Place a picture hook or a few screws into the wall, and then place the hanger plate’s rear ridge on the hook or screws.

Do Acrylic Prints Go With My Interior Design?

We understand that acrylic prints are not a common sight in every home and are more of a specialty item. So, it makes sense to wonder if their style will go well with the interior decor of your house.

But there’s no need for concern. Acrylic prints have a borderless style and thin lines that make them incredibly subtle. Simply choose a picture that harmonizes with the design and color scheme of your space, and your acrylic print will seamlessly integrate.

What is the unique quality of an acrylic print?

In recent years, acrylic prints have become increasingly popular as a sleek and contemporary method to showcase a variety of visual assets, including artwork and photography. These prints are very remarkable because of the special qualities that set them apart.

First and foremost, acrylic prints have an almost unmatched clarity that gives the artwork a viscerally three-dimensional quality. The acrylic material acts as a kind of lens, allowing light to be refracted and enhancing even the finest elements in the picture. The print’s flawless, glossy finish, which gives any room an ultramodern flare, enhances its clarity even more.

Another noteworthy aspect of acrylic prints is their resilience. The material’s resistance to scratches acts as a kind of armor, protecting the artwork from damage and maintaining its unparalleled visual attractiveness. Additionally, because acrylic prints are UV resistant, they are protected from fading over time and losing any of their color vibrancy.

But it’s the way acrylic prints interact with their environment that really makes them unique. To create the appearance of depth and a sense of immersion, the prints can be floated off the wall or mounted with standoffs. Other printing techniques are unable to duplicate the brilliance that is created by the shiny finish of the acrylic substance, which reflects light and color.

Acrylic prints are the perfect combination of elegance, robustness, and quality. They provide a contemporary interpretation of conventional printing techniques, and their special qualities make them unmatched in the field of visual media. An acrylic print is a fantastic option that is sure to make an impact, whether you want to exhibit a stunning work of art or your most treasured photos.