IdentityIQ Is Not a Fraud, But Is It Still Valuable?

Seeking credit monitoring and identity theft protection, and thinking about IdentityIQ as a possible option? Although this business is reputable and has been in operation for a while, is it the best fit for your needs?

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What Does IdentityIQ Offer and What Is It?

IdentityIQ provides identity theft and credit protection services. It keeps an eye on internet databases, including the dark web, to detect any breaches of its clients’ personal data, including bank account details, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers (SSNs), and more. It alerts users to security breaches if any leaks are found.

IdentityIQ’s protection against identity theft offers up to $1 million in repayment for money that have been taken, together with an extra $1,500 per week for five weeks to compensate missed income while dealing with identity theft matters. Included in its package are legal aid and payment for legal bills incurred during court cases.

If a loan application is submitted using your name and credit score, IdentityIQ’s credit protection service makes sure you get notifications. If necessary, the program also offers legal assistance from professionals in identity restoration. In times of hardship, the firm makes your minimal loan payments, which helps you keep your credit score intact.

A spotless report with your credit ratings from all three main bureaus is provided by IdentityIQ. You can respond quickly to significant credit changes or questionable activity because of its real-time notifications, which let you know about them. Additionally, you may try out various tactics to get your credit score targets using its credit score simulator.

The firm offers premium VPN and antivirus protection for up to 10 devices through a partnership with Bitdefender Total Security. Additionally, it provides customer care headquartered in the US to answer your questions and help with any problems you run across. In general, the organization provides respectable services. Please visit its official price page for more information on its costs.

IdentityIQ: Is It a Fraud?

IdentityIQ is a real business—it’s not a fraud. It was founded in 2009 and has spent the last 15 years providing its consumers with credit monitoring and identity theft protection. It is ranked as one of the best identity theft protection programs available by It is reasonable to believe that IdentityIQ is reliable given its extensive history in the field.

How excellent, though, are its services? IdentityIQ has an outstanding 4.1-star Trustpilot rating, which reflects client happiness. It’s important to remember, though, that like any business, it occasionally has disgruntled clients.

After going over their comments, the following are some frequent grievances expressed:

IdentityIQ’s customer service is inadequate; lengthy wait times and numerous disconnections make it difficult to receive assistance when you need it.

Particularly after checking out trials, its membership renewals may take you off guard, so be sure to cancel on time to prevent costs.

IdentityIQ only allows you to cancel your membership or trial over the phone, and doing so is difficult. On the other hand, the business asserts that users may cancel their memberships via the website.

A few clients are not happy with IdentityIQ’s outside vendors. Thus, please only subscribe via the official website.

It might be bothersome to constantly receive messages from IdentityIQ. Turn off the notifications on your iPhone or Android smartphone to avoid being harassed by them.

Did you get an email from Identity IQ welcoming you?

In the unlikely event that you did not sign up for the platform and still received a welcome email from IdentityIQ, your identity has most likely been hacked and someone else has registered using your details. To stop further abuse in such a case, get in touch with the business’ customer service department and request that your account be terminated.

If you don’t take immediate action, scammers may use your name to obtain your credit reports from the firm and use them to conduct unlawful actions, such applying for loans. In the event that the email indicates that your credit card has been charged for an IQIdentity membership, get in touch with IdentityIQ to cancel your subscription and receive a refund as soon as possible, and contact your credit card issuer to freeze it.

IdentityIQ Is Real, But Does It Make Sense?

IdentityIQ may be an excellent option for those without specific needs because to its affordable prices and good services. However, because this service doesn’t monitor investment accounts or social media, it might not be appropriate for you if you’re a company owner or social media influencer.

Additionally, keep in mind the aforementioned drawbacks before choosing its services. Look into alternative reliable identity and credit protection services, such as Aura, LifeLock, IdentityForce, and more, if IdentityIQ isn’t able to meet your needs.