How to Increase Your TikTok Likes

Obtaining likes on TikTok is crucial to being successful there. TikTok engagement is distinct in a number of ways. The TikTok algorithm gives account views, likes, and comments a higher priority than real followers. More people will view your films on the For You Page (FYP) the more involvement you receive. But here’s the thing: TikTok won’t promote your video to a larger audience, including your own followers, if it doesn’t see a little spike in engagement when it is initially released. Crazy, huh? You can enhance your TikTok video content performance, so don’t worry. Check out our top 5 TikTok performance-boosting tactics by following along. Now let’s get going!

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Explained: TikTok for Your Page

For those who are unfamiliar with TikTok, the For You Page (FYP) can be likened to the offspring of YouTube’s home tab and Instagram’s Discover page. Users spend the most of their time in this area, which is the first place they go when they start the app.

For each user, the FYP varies. It includes films from individuals you frequently engage with, videos from accounts you follow, viral videos that match your interests, and videos that audiences similar to yours like watching. TikTok puts finding fresh, original ideas ahead of building a strong sense of community. One of the main distinctions between Instagram and TikTok is that all of Instagram’s objectives are grouped together under the heading of “connection.”

Instagram’s primary feed consists of posts from accounts you follow, interspersed with adverts and suggested posts based on your interests. Instagram’s algorithm takes into account indications such as your level of interest in the material, the time the post was posted, your past interactions with the poster, and the favorites you have set.

Utilizing signals from the video caption, noises, trends, and hashtags utilized, as well as information from the user’s device and account settings, TikTok’s FYP algorithm populates the FYP.

You can choose to only see material from persons you follow in both feeds.

Five Ways to Increase Your TikTok Likes

One of the most important components of your social media plan should be getting likes and interaction on your TikTok content. Here are five suggestions to increase your TikTok like count:

#1: Share Your Previous Videos.

YouTube videos on TikTok disappear quickly. If they don’t achieve that initial engagement, even the most valuable and amusing films might be a complete failure. You may give outdated tiktok videos a second chance by downloading and reuploading them. Additionally, it can revitalize popular videos that have passed their peak virality.

Never forget to employ a watermark removal before reuploading any TikTok movies. Watermarked content is disliked by the algorithm.

Another piece of advice is to check your analytics and go through any comments the video has received before reposting. Your engagement may significantly change the next time around if you adjust your hashtags, description, and even the time and date of your post.

#2 Use the Same Audio in Multiple Videos You Post.

Getting the most out of a single sound might also help your video become viral. It’s not necessary for this to be a popular song. Recall how the TikTok algorithm combines user interactions with sounds and trends to determine user ranking? You may increase the amount of interaction from viewers who found your video through their interest in the audio by using the same audio in many consecutive videos.

#3 Include a captioned link to another video

This is a typical strategy applied to several TikToks within a single series. When content producers indicate that a sequel is planned, curious viewers search the comments section or the creator’s profile for the second video.

In the comments section of high-engagement videos, you may also link to pertinent videos. Consider it an invitation to interact with your material so that consumers will want to share it with others.

#4 Share Content Online During Peak Audience Hours.

A classic, but timeless. Your target audience won’t be available to interact if they are sleeping, attending school, working, etc. Posting while your TikTok audience is online is even more crucial than on other platforms since TikTok favors content that receives a spike in interaction. TikTok makes no such guarantee, but Instagram boasts that if you just keep scrolling, you will see every post from anyone you follow. Depending on how viewers are interacting with the post, you can be offered a video that was posted just now one moment and one from 2021 the next.

What better way to find out when your TikTok followers are online? Using PLANOLY’s Best Time to Post function is the simplest method to accomplish this. You may manually check a few stats by navigating into your TikTok analytics:

When your fans are on the internet

viewer demographics, such as age and time zone, that affect scheduling

When did you upload the high-engagement videos?

#5 Engage in community management and social listening.

Your brand will be more known the more you interact with your target market. Once they are familiar with your brand, users are more inclined to interact with your content. Users will feel more at ease interacting with your material the more you interact. Utilize TikTok Search as a tool for social listening to identify conversations within your expertise, and then make a valuable contribution. Put community management ahead of your own remarks in order to establish a solid rapport with those that participate.