Do I Need to Use a Playpen?

Particularly for new parents, minimalism may help provide much-needed control, elegance, and beauty to the house, but there are certain things you just can’t give up. This post is for you if you’ve been trying to figure out how to reduce the quantity of baby gear you need without worrying that your child won’t miss it. Recall that in the months leading up to your child’s birth, you most likely took some time to sit down and compile a long list of everything you anticipated needing for the first year of their existence. You most certainly included a playpen on your list of things to buy, even though it wasn’t a very thoughtful addition. We wanted to help debunk the recent misconception that owning a playpen is inherently harmful by writing this piece.

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Is It Not Harmful to the Child?

Online searches yield a plethora of websites and forum discussions citing “studies” that claim putting infants in playpens would stunt their development and adversely impact their learning styles. However, none of these references are genuine or reliable. The Philosophical Baby author and psychology professor at Berkeley University of California, Alison Gopnik, asserts that there hasn’t been any comprehensive, definitive study on these purported impacts. I genuinely think that the misunderstanding stems from the fact that, in order for a baby to learn and develop, it is crucial to let them walk around and investigate their surroundings throughout the day. Although this statement is unquestionably accurate, it is not meant to disparage or talk poorly about the usage of playpens.

Finding a Balance

As with many other things in life, it’s crucial to use the resources we are provided with sparingly or responsibly. Although having or utilizing a playpen has no particular drawbacks, confining your child to the playpen area for long periods of time is neither healthy nor acceptable. This would prevent your youngster from engaging in their natural curiosity and experimenting with their environment. Having said that, we wanted to go over some of the ways that playpens may benefit you and your family and be utilized effectively.

A playpen’s advantages might include:

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